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Matunda is your natural tastes provider. We offer infusions and spirits artisanally crafted in Brussels using only the best natural ingredients.




Natural drink made from plant extracts using the infusion process. In order to preserve the raw and natural flavors of the plants, our infusions are made without using added aroma and are low in sugar. 0% alcohol – 100% Natural – 500% Tastes

Spirits resulting from a harmonious blend of gin and plant or fruit extracts carefully selected to release the natural notes and aromas that blend perfectly with the gin. Gin Lovers, No compromise on Taste!

Spirits made from Caribbean rum aged in the tropics and resulting from maturation in contact with a mixture of plants or spices. Our rums release a sweet fruity and spicy flavor that warms the palate and ignites the senses.

A Journey , A Vision ...
An Explosion Of Tastes !


Matunda is the slightly crazy adventure of friends who are passionate about drinks and always looking for new tastes. First of all it started with experiences at home tasting recipes inspired by our experiences and travels. Our drinks have been so successful with our loved ones that we decided to launch Mantunda and share this extraordinary experience with everyone. 

Naturaly inspired


Matunda’s delicious ginger taste to boost your day


Matunda’s spiced Tastes will make you burn with pleasure


Plant with an incredible Taste. You will not be disappointed.


The hibiscus flower is the main ingredient of Matunda’s bissap. A Taste you will not forget

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